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Mapledurham House and Estate.


Filming At Mapledurham

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The Eagle Has Landed

Magnificent Men In Their

Flying machines

Class Act

Midsomer Murders

Miss Marple

Big Allotment Challenge

Countrywise Kitchen

Escape To The Country


Children Of The New Forest




Filming has taken place at Mapledurham for many years covering a wide variety of genres for television and the cinema. Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Childrens TV, Period Drama, Murder Mystery etc.  We offer a wide variety of buildings some dating back nearly 400 years including The Last Commercially Working Watermill  on The River Thames. The Estates land includes many types of landscape from woodland to cereal crops to lawns to steep hills. Most of the Estate land is away from main roads and traffic noise and many areas do not have public access. 


Being located so close to London makes access to the Estate very cost effective. There is a large number of hotels in Reading (10Mins drive) to accommodate crew and cast for longer productions. Within the grounds of the Manor House our Country Park makes the perfect Base Unit location for filming. It is a gated area of some 5 acres with a driveway running through the middle leading towards a toilet block and drinking water stand pipes. This area easily accommodates unit lorries and production cars for several hundred crew and from the point of view of security has no public footpaths running through it.

Nothing is impossible!  We are used to unusual requests and assisting Art Dept and Props with sourcing items that we may have on the Estate. We can also provide assistance on large scale productions with tele handler and operator and when the weather turns against you, a tractor and operator when its time for the lorries to leave.

If you would like to come and view any area of the Estate for filming please contact The Estate Office to book an appointment, cold calling is not accepted .