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Mapledurham House and Estate.

Mapledurham at War

Mapledurham at War 2016

 16th and 17th April 


Mapledurham was transformed into a WW2 scene on the weekend of 16th and 17th April.  Despite copious amounts of mud, we managed to get all the re-enactors in and out again!  A fantastic show followed with loads of eager visitors.

The re-enactors were able to demonstrate just how life was back in the 40s in war time conditions.  Young and old enjoyed hearing various tales and learning about survival skills and how people coped under very difficult circumstances.  

A 40s style venue was made available so that visitors could watch Jive demonstrations by "Now That's Jive" - loads of people joined in too.  

Battle re-enactments were provided and very well received by our public. 

Particular thanks to every re-enactor who braved the horrible Friday and Saturday weather .  Camping must have been a bit grim for them.  Led by Dave Allaway, whose organisational skills are legendary, and assisted by Dave Norris, the whole event was superb.  Thank you both for being so professional and for your attention to detail.

Huge thanks to the team of the tearoom, guides and gate staff - it wasnt an easy weekend!  Thanks to Sean and Ben who came to our rescue and helped out but special thanks to Corry Starling who towed everyone in and towed them all out again.  This week he has been rolling, cleaning and mending the lawns --- you really wouldnt know there were soldiers there last weekend.  Without Corry, we wouldnt have had an event so special thanks to him.

Next year?  Well we are meeting soon to discuss possible dates and finer details.  Please keep your eye on this web page - Mapledurham at War - the most authentic show of its kind around!

Lola Andrews 


  • Hog roast,
  • Burgers, sausages,
  • Jacket potatoes, soup, sandwiches,
  • Cream teas, cakes and ice creams.  
  • Licensed bar. 


However you will be able to purchase tickets on the gate.

See you there!

  • Dance displays by "Now That's Jive"
  • Mock battles galore
  • Amphibious vehicles,
  • Drill demonstrations, 
  • Children's mini tanks 
  • Jeeps, half tracks, tanks
  • Music


All thanks to  Tony Mearman who took these brilliant photos and lots more last year  please visit